Friday, September 15, 2017




  1. Phone line Outbreak
    13 Sep, 2017
    Phone line Outbreak
    Phone Service in my Area Any caller outside the Florida State, please make sure your google set to look for taxi in your area to avoid confusion.   The company does not give any services outside the Emerald Coast as of yet; we are working on servicing your  area soon.  Just to inform anyone who come to visit my site and use #850-226-6587 to call for taxi, my phone service is currently not working due to the storm.  Please use alternate number to call for taxi service #850-797-9260.  The phone
  2. Our business is resume
    13 Sep, 2017
    Our business is resume
    All 2nd Chance Taxi caller; we resume our business as of now.    All calls will be answer as we receive them.   to avoid confusion in the website make sure that your google taxi search is set to where your home state.  We appreciate your business.
  3. Welcome to Our Blog Feature, Here's How to Use It
    29 Jul, 2015
    Welcome to Our Blog Feature, Here's How to Use It
    The word "blog" is short for Web Log. It is basically a series of posts in reverse chronological order posted by a website owner. A Blog can be treated like a diary, a news feed, a place for ‘how-to’ articles or simple thoughts and discussions. Getting to know the Blog feature Take the first steps towards writing your own professional blog It’s likely you will use it to communicate with your website visitors about your website topic. You may wish to tell visitors about your day-to-day life or
  4. To Blog or Not to Blog? Blog. Of Course We’d Say That.
    22 Jul, 2015
    To Blog or Not to Blog? Blog. Of Course We’d Say That.
    Sure, blogs need a fair amount of work, but they boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and pay dividends in the long run. And if you’re not sure what to write, check out Elance or for affordable alternatives. A well maintained blog is a very useful tool How can a blog help your website become more visible? Why? The short answer: blogs strengthen your website’s visibility. Blogs are business opportunities that help you: Command attention from your customers. Use Hootsuite or